Blueprint Infoserve

Our focus is to provide our clients with exceptional network solutions & support that exceeds industry standards. We are much more than a company that just provides servers. We are your IT professionals and infrastructure experts, passionate and dedicated to customer satisfaction and enhancing your hosting experience.

  • We offer KVM based VPS servers and dedicated servers .
  • We offer Shared Hosting , Reseller Hosting Etc..
  • We value each client and work hard to make sure everyone has to best experience possible with their virtual private server.
  • Blueprint Infoserve is unique in the virtual private server market given the resources of it's parent company.
  • Our prices are 50% lower that the competition.

Our core business is providing quality bandwidth and servers to customers. With that singular purpose it is our primary goal to ensure a properly run hardware and network free of problems. We go to great lengths to be sure our hardware and network is purpose built for performance. We test security patches, upgrades, and deployments before implementing into our production network. Our Maintenance windows are always scheduled with the most notice as possible with the least amount of downtime.

There is always a beginning of an era. An era of glory, honour and achievements that you could wish to create through your works. An era that will be named after you in your desired field. Yes there is certainly a beginning to all of this and this journey of making your dreams possible; starts with a BluePrint. A simple sheet of paper, an old pencil, some undefined logics and a bag full of scrambled up future plans. These things become the stepping stones behind a successful you.

What we do...

We assure you a hassle free web service with great expertise in the fields of Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Virtual Servers, Reseller Web Hosting, Dedicated Hosting ,etc. We do believe in enhancing our thoughts and ideas and reproducing new plans to stay one step ahead of time, enabling us to supply innovative outcomes to fulfill our client's requirements in this world of constant upgrading business platform.

Who we are...

BluePrint Infoserve is an IT company registered to the Ministry Of Corporate Affairs. We welcome your wildest dreams to make it happen. BluePrint is the basic sculpture of the
digital output you desire. With the help of our dedicated developers we capture your vision and shape it into reality.We are a customer-centric business organization. We build strong professional relationship with our clients and give them efficient and satisfactory output right in time. We are BluePrint Infoserve.